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Research areas

Adult education is an eclectic scientific field, encompassing many different investigative perspectives. In recent years, CEAD researchers have analyzed the following areas more intensively:


  1. Gender, inequalities and social participation - crossing a series of traditional themes in adult education, such as non-formal and informal learning, education and training, work and social participation, analyzed from an intersectional perspective.
  2. Non-traditional students in Higher Education - with a focus on the dynamics of equality and inequality of groups of students who are a minority.
  3. Adult Education Policies - analyzing the Portuguese scenario, but also the European context and that of other countries outside Europe, such as Brazil.
  4. Education and learning of older adults - trying to understand the relationships between the community, well-being and learning, and studying the phenomena of inequality among older adults.

CEAD researchers, however, are always attentive to new areas, themes and emerging problems that affect the adult population - opportunities to use research to improve social dynamics and individual and collective life.