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Want to join us?

If you want to be a CEAD researcher the process is simple:


  1. Write an email to the Centre Coordinator (António Fragoso – aalmeida@ualg.pt),with CC to the other members of the Steering Committee (Cristina Vieira, vieira@fpce.uc.pt and Rosannna Barros, rmbarros@ualg.pt);
  2. Attach to the email the CEAD productivity table (see “About / Regulations”);
  3. The decision on your integration in CEAD (as an integrated researcher or collaborator) will be taken by the Steering Committee to the Scientific Committee. The Coordinator will communicate this decision to you.


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Other news:

Want to join us?

Se quiser ser investigador do CEAD (ver Artº 8º do Regulamento Geral), o processo é simples: Escreva um


No dia 27 de maio, às 17.00 horas, teremos uma conferência proferida pelo nosso colega Licínio C. Lima,

Seminário curto

No dia 23 de junho, às 16.00 horas, o CEAD organiza um seminário curto “Education and Learning of